Advertising is not a good business model for a blog

Every day I receive emails through my contact form, newsletter, free courses, and paid courses.

And, within all those emails, there is almost always someone who asks the same thing:

Franck, I want to earn money with advertising on my blog. How can I do it?

And my answer to that question is always the same:  advertising is NOT a good business model for a blog.

When I say it, many get scared. Others stop following me. And some even erase me from everywhere because they think what I say is a lie.

But I can assure you, with 99.99% certainty, that most bloggers do not make money from advertising. And by advertising, I mean the classic Adsense banner that everyone wants to put on the sidebar of their blog.

With luck, maybe they can win something to invite their girl to the movies or to buy a t-shirt in a store. But that would be an exception.

And that is why today I want to talk to you about this topic and answer, in a single post, all those people who ask me day after day about advertising in blogging.

I am going to explain to you that there is another way to be a blogger. And why advertising is not the right model for you, novice blogger.

are you coming with me?

  1. Do you want to enter a virgin market of millions of euros per year?
  2. The 5 stages of grief
    1. Stage #1: Denial/Isolation
    2. Stage Nº 2: point
    3. Stage 3: negotiation
    4. Stage 4: Depression
    5. Stage 5: Acceptance
  3. Why advertising is NOT a business model for a blog?
    1. #1 Understand the Google Adsense revenue sharing formula
    2. #2 How much can I earn in online advertising if I have 100 visits a day?
    3. #3 How much can I earn from online advertising if I generate around 1,000 visits per day?
    4. #4 How much traffic do I need to earn an average of €1,000/month?
  4. Why is it stupid to continue betting on advertising on your blog?
    1. #1 Online advertising generates a lot of noise
    2. #2 Online advertising does not add value
    3. #3 You have to annoy your readers
    4. #4 Those who earn money with Adsense usually hide
    5. #5 Google cleans faster and faster
    6. #6 Advertising on a blog is not a business model
    7. #7 So I have to set up a business?
  5. You have a market of millions of euros within reach of your keyboard... and you don't see it
    1. #1 Get out the calculator
    2. #2 I don't know what services to offer
    3. #3 Where do I find my clients?
    4. #4 And why are they going to buy me?
    5. #5 What if I want to go beyond services?
  6. You too can change the world. start with your universe

Do you want to enter a virgin market of millions of euros per year?

According to the report published by Bitácoras (2011) in that year, there were already 576,681 active blogs in Spanish. I don't even want to tell you that that figure will have increased considerably to this day.

And if you are going to be part of this statistic or you already are... the worst way to try to make a living with your blog is advertising.


I know that they have sold you the idea that you should post every day and try to earn advertising with Google Adsense via text banners or Displays.

If that is what they have told you, they have misled you.

The reality is that if you have wondered about starting a business with no money through a blog and you are thinking of doing it through advertising, you should know by now that going down that path will only waste your time.

In fact, it is probably the worst way to make your investment in blog time profitable, the least effective, and the most stupid if you think in the long term.

And now you may be wondering “Franck, why? You tell me it's the worst, but I want to know why.

Well, now that you have just buried this form of monetization underground, I want to invite you to participate in a virgin market of millions of euros per year.

Interested? Keep reading.

The 5 stages of grief

In her book "On Death and Dying" Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross identifies the 5 stages of a grieving process.

In it he explains that in order to build something new, you first need to say goodbye to the old. That is why I suggest that you become aware that your blog will never give you more than €30 per month if you keep trying to monetize it with online advertising.

And once you have become aware, I invite you to go through the 5 phases of grief to leave this idea behind.

Stage #1: Denial/Isolation

I can't believe it, I'm sure I can do it. It's only been 12 months since I launched the blog. I don't even make 30 cents a day.

The blogger isolates himself further for 12 months, works twice as hard, barely has a social life, and 12 months later…

I have gone from earning €10 a month to earning €30 a month

Stage Nº 2: point

Cone. Google are scammers. They have us all working like slaves spitting out news and they make a fortune doing nothing. little business...

They do have a great business, which is leveraged on your working hours.

All you have as a Blogger is a lot of enthusiasm and very little vision. Come on, you're not ready to run a business. Can't you tell?

Stage 3: negotiation

Okay, I'm beginning to understand, but... isn't there a way to earn a little more from advertising on a blog by looking for direct sponsorships?

Of course yes.

But you will have to add the hours necessary to manage these direct transactions (calls, emails, or meetings), renew the contracting periods with your advertisers, retain them (lowering prices...), get them to pay you, etc.

Surely you will have gone from earning 30 to 100 euros per month. wow!

You multiply your income by 3, but also your hours of work.

Is it worth doing? My answer is no. Choose yours. And think if this really seems to you the best way to earn money online.

Stage 4: Depression

Buff, I've been a Blogger for 3 years and it's very nice, but I'm going to leave it aside for a while. I have a family and a lot of work, I don't think I have much more to say on this subject and besides, I don't make any money...

You cannot imagine the number of people who abandon their projects too soon.

Now, I think you are beginning to understand that your blog in its current version has no future.

Stage 5: Acceptance

I need a change and a drastic change. I still believe in my blog and I keep my hopes up, but I want to earn decent money with my activity. I am not Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

If you've made it this far, you can move on to the next stage.

There are other ways to monetize your activity on a blog, much more effective ways than advertising.

Keep reading if you want to discover that virgin market of 50 million euros per year that you can access from day to day.

Why advertising is NOT a business model for a blog?

#1 Understand the Google Adsense revenue sharing formula

The formula is simple and Google also made public its revenue-sharing percentages with blogs.

Your Earnings = Page Views * Click Through Rate * Average Ad Price (€) * 68%

Easy to understand: you keep 2/3 of the income generated by your blog (the other third is for Google) and as long as you get more page views and/or more clicks and/or a higher average ad price, you will earn more money.

And also the average price of the ad is based on the competitiveness of that sector. For example, putting ads on a soccer blog (low average price) is not the same as putting ads on a Forex investment blog (high average price).


And now, using these 2 examples, I am going to show you what you could earn in both markets. Keep in mind that one is very favorable (Forex) and another unfavorable (football jerseys).

We will estimate, for these data, that you have a 2% CTR (Click Through Rate) in your ads. And this in itself is a very optimistic figure.

Warning so that Google doesn't get angry:  the numbers that follow are simulations that I have prepared. Take this data with caution, do not generalize, and keep in mind that YES there are (few) people who earn money with Adsense.

#2 How much can I earn in online advertising if I have 100 visits a day?

  1. Unfavorable case:  3,000 x 0.02 x 0.31 x 0.68 = €12.64 per month. You can go with your wife to eat a savings menu at Burger King.
  2. Favorable case:  3,000 x 0.02 x 14 x 0.68 = €571.2 per month. You can assume that the work associated with this blog would also be great because you would be competing in a tough industry.

The €571.2 per month may seem appealing. Of course, I invite you to search for “Forex” or related words in Google and see what your competition would be.

To get to earn that money you would have to become a textbook SEO, write regularly and spend hours and hours on the blog.

Would you work 10 hours a day for €571.2?

In addition, the vast majority of blogs do not even have 100 visits a day. I recently did a study and with a fairly large sample the figure was devastating: 77% of blogs do not exceed that figure.

#3 How much can I earn from online advertising if I generate around 1,000 visits per day?

  1. Unfavorable case:  30,000 x 0.02 x 0.31 x 0.68 = €126.48 per month.
  2. Favorable case:  30,000 x 0.02 x 14 x 0.68 = €5,712 per month.

€5,712 per month? How good it sounds.

The problem is that I can count on my fingers and toes the number of blogs I know of that exceed that figure. And, interestingly, none of them monetize their blog with this type of advertising.

I generate more than 1,000 visits per day (more than 200,000 per month) and if I used Adsense as a revenue generation model I would not earn even 10% of what I earn.

Therefore, almost no one reaches 1,000 visits a day and if they do, they do not use this advertising model. There must be a reason.

#4 How much traffic do I need to earn an average of €1,000/month?

Right now, with my blog and its 200,000-250,000 visits per month, I think I could easily generate €1,000-2,000 in advertising.

And now let's recap what I had to do to get there:

  1. Blogging for 6 years.
  2. Write 936 blog entries and as many guest posts.
  3. Respond to comments, emails, social networks, etc.
  4. And a thousand other things.

I don't think more comments are needed.

However, with the business model that I use in my blog, from the first year I began to generate €1,000 per month.

Quite a difference, right?

Why is it stupid to continue betting on advertising on your blog?

Think about it, advertising on a blog has several flaws:

#1 Online advertising generates a lot of noise

Many people start blogs just with the idea of ​​positioning themselves in a niche where they know that the average prices per click are high. They are 2 cucumbers about the quality of the content.

It is a technical exercise of Marketing and SEO to earn some money. We can assimilate it to a game to fool Google.

And you, unless you are an SEO with quite advanced knowledge, you do not know how to cheat Google.

#2 Online advertising does not add value

If you have some experience in Adsense, you know that you should cut your articles and not tell everything, as it will increase the probability that the user will make an additional click to access the missing piece of information.

At no time is the fact of informing/educating readers valued, much less quickly. But isn't this the genuine mission of the Network? And from Google?

#3 You have to annoy your readers

No clicks, no dough. The most effective zones are the most intrusive zones:

  • Under the title.
  • In the middle of the post.
  • Right under the main menu.
  • Etc.

For the same reason, people are developing protection mechanisms such as blindness to banners or text ads. They are fed up with hassles and deception.

#4 Those who earn money with Adsense usually hide

Most people who make money from Adsense are SEO and CPC artists, but they prefer to do it under a false name.

They create an anonymous profile and use On Page and Off Page SEO tactics to climb the rankings in Google. In the end, as I said, they “cheat” the search engine a bit.

We can say that they are not exercising a very transparent activity.

#5 Google cleans faster and faster

Every year Google updates its algorithms faster, penalizing people who abuse ad units and who, according to the Google algorithm's own criteria, do not add enough value to their content/websites.

And that's not all.

Google always bets on real people:

  1. The user has doubts.
  2. User searches on Google.
  3. The user gets a good response quickly.
  4. Happy user.
  5. Happy Google.

Google will not support playful people who know how to position themselves high in the rankings with dubious content and techniques.

Never again. Google doesn't like it.

#6 Advertising on a blog is not a business model

It does not require a business approach, a strategic analysis of the environment and your strengths and you should not be in contact with clients and sell face to face.

You insert your Adsense code on the blog and start praying for a miracle that will suddenly bring you several million page views per month… without doing anything. You can also do shenanigans.

We return to our own, where planning is, understanding the needs of your market, providing answers, customer service.

#7 So I have to set up a business?

Do you want to make money with a blog and do not want to start a business?

Ummm… I'll give you some ideas:

  • Rob a bank.
  • Sell ​​drugs.
  • Or better yet, steal drugs from some drug traffickers and buy yourself a bank.

Stop dreaming and get to work.

In what? Keep reading.

You have a market of millions of euros within reach of your keyboard... and you don't see it

Change the chip: go from being a Blogger to being an Emprendeblogger.

Why? I'll show you.

#1 Get out the calculator

Let's imagine that you have been blogging for 2 years. You have developed a capacity that 99% of other mortals do not have. Somehow, believe it or not, you are an expert.

!! Congratulations!!

Now get rid of the idea of ​​making money with advertising. Let's think about selling a cheap service of €300 per month and getting only one client per month:

  • 1 client per month.
  • €300 per customer.
  • Per year = €3,600 / blog
  • Bitácora tells us that there are 576,681 blogs ->  Market size = 2,076,051,600 million euros.

This is an annual figure. And it is growing at a dizzying pace.

#2 I don't know what services to offer

We return to the usual, the lack of ideas. Well okay, I'll help you.

These services could be worth around €300 for an SME/ self-employed person:

  • Install a blog and configure it.
  • Write 30 articles.
  • Customize a blog with a paid template.
  • Create a basic social media presence.
  • Design a corporate image.
  • SEO audit of a blog.
  • Improvement plan for 10 pages in Google rankings.
  • Training to do video marketing.
  • Build a mailing list.
  • Provide a turnkey Newsletter service (you manage it for your client).
  • Launch an advertising campaign on Google or Facebook.
  • Technical support: they send you requests by email that you respond to or you start looking for a solution. 1 request per month for 12 months.
  • You charge a fixed fee of €30 for each data of a possible new prospect that you bring to a client (CPA or CPL).
  • Etc.

#3 Where do I find my clients?

Well, on your blog, silly.

  1. Post a photo of yourself, and try to smile.
  2. Advertise a service on the front page (start with just one).
  3. Create a Landing Page in which you describe in detail the benefits and characteristics of it with a PayPal button to hire it.
  4. Put a banner always visible in your right column and promote this service in your tribes in social networks.

Sooner or later, the customers will arrive.

#4 And why are they going to buy me?

  • Because you know how to do it.
  • They know it because they have been reading you for years and you have demonstrated excellence in this service that you are now trying to promote throughout this time.
  • Because they trust you more than a stranger.
  • To support you, because they like you.

You can NOT NOT try. If you fail you can dedicate yourself to fly fishing and looking for vintage clothes or collecting old coins from Colonial Africa.

Try it.

#5 What if I want to go beyond services?

There are people who do not want to provide services. No problem: do you know the beautiful world of info products? From affiliate products?

Your next must-read is this if you want to dive deeper into how to make money blogging, whether it's services or any other business model:

You too can change the world. start with your universe

If you are a blogger, you can throw “eggs” at it (excuse the word), get ahead, and work head on a project that can feed you in the future.

Serving just one client per month you will have plenty of time to join this revolution.

Or you can stay trying to make money with advertising and give up in a few months/years.

And you, what are you going to do?

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