llᐈ How to improve the Wifi signal with 5 tricks

Problems with the Wi-Fi signal are more common than thought, a bad connection creates a waste of time, money and inconvenience when you don't know what to do to improve the Wi-Fi signal so that it reaches everywhere in your home.

If you work from home, are an inveterate video game player or spend most of your time connected to the internet for studies or because you like to stay connected to your social networks. In any case, these activities can be affected by a bad Wi-Fi signal caused by enemies such as walls, connected devices that are not yours, or because your router is damaged.

However, the headaches and inconvenience caused by poor Wi-Fi signal can have solution with some simple tricks that involve from changing the location of your routerget repeaters or a stronger antenna to improve the internet signal.

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  1. 1. Coverage analysis
  2. 2. Router location
  3. 3. Update your router
  4. 4. Buy Repeaters
  5. 5. Stronger antenna

1. Coverage analysis

Doing an analysis of your internet signal is the first trick to improve the Wi-Fi signal inside the house. To carry out this analysis we have the existence of certain tools that can help us find what are the problems present in the coverage of the internet signal.

The easiest way to check the mobile internet coverage at home is by using your mobile phone. With this device you must move around your house seeing how far you have a good Wi-Fi signal and which are the environments where the signal is weaker.

The Tools available for a more complete analysis of the status of the Wi-Fi signal are NetSpot, Ekahau HeatMapper, Wifi Analyzer and Fast these are premium software. However, we also have free software such as Acrylic Wifi or WirelessNetView.

2. Router location

the place in Where the router is located is important to have a good Wi-Fi signal. If you place the router behind a piece of furniture, a lamp or in a point where the ability to have a good signal is affected. Although you should bear in mind that the Wi-Fi internet signal has a range of 30 to 40 meters, this range is usually adequate for a good distribution in the house.

To improve the range of the Wi-Fi signal, the router should be located in a central location, at a high height away from walls, from a column. You can also try the 90-degree location of the antenna that comes with the router, to get the signal to various areas of your home.

Keeping your electronic devices such as your desktop or laptop computer, your tablet or your mobile phone near the router improves the quality of the Wi-Fi signal, since there are no elements between your devices and the Internet.

router location

3. Update your router

Updating your router is important to increase the internet signal, the software of your router must be constantly updated to find errors and thus be able to improve or solve the errors foundYou will carry out this procedure by entering the Firmware file from your PC. Although some modern routers have the ability to update automatically.

If your router has a lifetime of more than five years, it is time to change it for a completely new one. The useful life of a router is not very long, they are useful for a couple of years, since these devices have updates and improvements in both their software system and technical support. Thus, you can choose to change your old router for a new one can help you improve the quality of the Wi-Fi signal.

4. Buy Repeaters

Another trick to improve the Wi-Fi signal in your home is to buy repeaters, when it is verified that there is a problem with your internet signal. Place repeaters or an amplifier at various strategic points of your case can help you improve the quality of the internet signal.

Placing your internet repeaters at points where the internet connection is weak would be appropriate to improve the Wi-Fi signal. You can get these signal amplifiers or repeaters through your internet company or you can do it independently by going to an electronics store.

5. Stronger antenna

In general, antennas are a super important element when it comes to increasing the internet signal at home. If these antennas are broken, loose or positioned downwards, the internet connection will be interrupted, consequently, a bad Wi-Fi signal.

Without a doubt, the best trick to improve the Wi-Fi signal is have a stronger or higher power antenna to increase the internet signal. Make sure not to block the antennas with other elements, always keep them clean without dust, if they are broken, choose to replace them with your internet provider.

If, on the other hand, you want to change your router's antennas to higher powered ones that are larger at around 10-15 inches in height, if you're not concerned about space or aesthetics with large antennas, change the antennas from your router to increase the Wi-Fi signal in your home.

strongest antenna

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