Movano Ring: The amazing smart ring from Movano

Movano has launched a new device for exercise and health care. This is the Movano Ring. This is a ring specially designed for those people who want to have information at all times about their cardiac activities. Especially for lovers of physical exercise.

Movano Ring for exercise and health

The new Movano Ring device is a smart ring introduced by Movano. It is used in the same way as a normal ring. This is capable of measuring both the user's heart rate and its variability. It can also measure temperature, respiration and oxygen saturation.

Another of its most outstanding features is that it can count the steps and calories that have been burned in the exercise. It has a mobile App from which you can obtain all this information and data. Also from the App, this ring indicates a sleep map.

The device is ideal for monitoring the fitness and health of users. One of Movano's ambitions is to add the option to monitor the glucose level and also the blood pressure of those who use the Movano Ring.

This first Movano wearable seeks to mitigate dangers and risks of permanent illnesses. According to the company, it is an intuitive device, which will make it easier for users to understand the data regarding their physical condition and health. Its design is elegant and sophisticated, it is also very comfortable.

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