New premium soundbar LG S95QR

For this 2022, LG has wanted to surprise users with a new line of audio devices. It presented various models capable of offering a fully enveloping and precise sound. These have been designed in different formats such as music, video games and home cinema.

Premium LG S95QR: LG's flagship soundbar

The new Premium LG with model S95QR, heads the new line of audio devices presented by LG. This bar has an output that reaches 810 W and also has 9.1.5 channels. This means that the audio it offers is of the highest range.

This device offers 5 upstream trigger channels, including a main trigger speaker (also upstream). In addition, 3 of these speakers are included in your sound bar and another 2 in the rear speakers. This helps widen the sound and improve its accuracy and clarity.

The Premium LG S95QR's main purpose is to improve home theater, because its main speaker offers clear dialogues. Similarly, it makes all the content offered immersive. It is integrated by IMAX Enhanced so that the audio is three-dimensional (only in compatible content)

Your connection is wireless and stable. On the other hand, in terms of functions, the Premium LG S95QR uses Meridian Audio's Horizon technology for music. Another of its outstanding features is the performance of its speaker drivers, subwoofer and speaker chambers.

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