New Zephyr Pro: Razer Mask

For this year 2022, health has become one of the priorities of companies and companies from all sectors. For this reason, Razer has presented its new Zephyr Pro mask. This has been specially designed for lovers of Comics who also work from home.

Zephyr Pro, the ideal mask to work from home

The new Zephyr Pro mask was born from its predecessor, the Zephyr mask. Which had a great acceptance and success in the market. For this reason the company, known for being creators of gaming PCs, has wanted to develop a new N95 mask. This in order to expand further this year.

Like the previous one, this new mask features Chroma RGB (game creator lighting system). This system can be controlled through a mobile App. In addition, it is also composed of PC-like dual fans, which influence ventilation.

One of the most outstanding features of the Zephyr Pro mask is that it has an N95 type filter that helps prevent the spread of viruses. In this case, it has been specially designed to prevent Covid-19. In fact, this mask has debuted when there is a higher rate of infections due to the omicron.

The Zephyr Pro has a built-in voice amplification system. With this, the company intends that the voice of the users is less muffled and clearer. Without a doubt, this semi-transparent face shield mask is one of the best options for the hybrid workforce.

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