Vision-S 02: The new presentation of Sony in electric vehicles

In 2020, the Japanese company Sony launched its first electric vehicle on the market. For this new year 2022, he wanted to repeat the strategy, establishing a new company called Sony Mobility. With this it intends to introduce electric vehicles to the market, starting with the Vision-S 02.

Vision-S 02: Sony's electric SUV

The Vision-S 02 is Sony's new prototype in electric vehicles. It was recently presented by the Japanese company as the electric "all-roader" that seeks to promote the evolution of mobility worldwide. For this reason, tests with the vehicle began in 2020.

In addition to being tested on the road, the same was done with its safety check. This gave way to user experience tests with all detection and image technology, installed inside and outside the vehicle. Also of the HMI or man-machine interface.

The new Vision-S 02 uses the EV/Cloud platform, which was used by its predecessor, the Vision-S 01. It has a system that contributes to safe driving, analyzing and recognizing environments in real time. This thanks to the 360-degree sensors installed in the vehicle.

The vehicle offers intuitive interactions with its driver, which is combined with the HMI and sound systems. Its "T or F" or time-of-flight sensors are used to provide control options to monitor passengers and authenticate the driver. Vision-S 02, supports voice commands and gestures that improve the use of its interface.

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