Withings Body Scan: New smart scale for healthcare

This year 2022 the Withings company has presented a new product for health care. This is the Withings Body Scan smart scale, one of its most ambitious devices. Without a doubt, the functions performed by this device will be of great benefit to the physical well-being of users.

Withings Body Scan: A device that offers detailed information about the health of the heart

The new Withings Body Scan scale from Withings is a product specially designed for the health care of users. This device is capable of performing electrocardiograms immediately. In addition, it also fulfills the function of evaluating the activity exerted by the nerves of the feet.

Another function added by Withings to this product is the determination of body composition in a segmented manner. Thanks to this innovation, users will have the opportunity to acquire specified information about their health. That is, they will see how body fat is distributed and how it affects the heart.

The scales generally only have contact with the feet of the people, but in this case it is different. The Withings Body Scan is made up of a kind of retractable handle capable of allowing another type of contact with the palms.

Withings' new product has 4 weight sensors and up to 14 ITO-type electrodes. In the same way, it is made up of 4 additional ones that are found in the handle of the scale. It has a large integrated that reaches 3.2 '', with LCD screen and the battery can last up to a year.

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